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What Kind Of Fish?

Baltic Pike Esox-Lucius | Season Mar - Nov
The famous Baltic Pike can be found everywhere in the archipelago and spicies of around 10 kg are by no means unusual, but with a bit of luck and skill you can attract some even bigger fish to your hooks. During the spring, both jerkbaits and floating plugs and crankbaits, as well as soft plastics are the best lures to use. Gentle spinning is also a good method to tempt some really giant fish. During the summer the fish lie deeper and large spinners, jigs, spoons and deep wobblers are among the most popular lure choice. Spinning is also a rewarding method for catching summer pike as the baits can be fished deep, close to the pike while they are lying up.During the late autumn the pike are back in shallower water and it's time for jerk baits (look in our tackle shop).
Sea trout Salmo trutta trutta | Season Mar - mid May
Sea Trout are common in the outer archipelago, and in the spring they are often found in shallow south facing bays where the water is warmed up by the sun or the onshore winds. Sea trout are caught most frequently with long and narrow spoons, as well as crankbaits. Catch and release rules are applied only on fish belove 50cm, and of course during mateing season.
Perch Perca fluviatilis | Season May - Oct
The perch is also a popular catch and is found all over the archipelago. Fish around the 300-400 g mark are not difficult to catch, and they are good fighters on light spinning tackle. Now and then fish around the 1 kg mark can be caught. Perch are generally caught with small spinners, spoons, jigs and wobblers along with a light spinning rod set up.
Methods and tackle
An assorted selection of lures in various types and sizes are required for spinning and lure fishing for Pike, Perch and Sea Trout. Standard Swim Feeder and Float fishing equipment and tactics are both effective methods when targeting coarse fish species such as Bream, Silver bream, Roach, Orfe, Tench, Rudd etc. If game fishing takes your fancy then normal fly fishing equipment is very effective for targeting Sea Trout. Some great sport can also be had by fly fishing for pike, although it is recommended that heavier fly fishing tackle is used when doing so.
Equipment for pike lurefishing
For standard crank baits, spoons and spinners a 9 or 10 foot spinning rod with a casting weight of between 50g and 80g is ample. Add to this a good fixed spool reel loaded with braided line of around 30lb test or monofilament in 12lb test and a 30cm - 40cm wire leader. Of course you will also need a decent selection of lures in various sizes and crank baits such as Bombers, Zalt & Rapala all work well to name just a few. It is also a good idea to carry long nosed pliers and hook cutters to help make for a safe release for the pike you catch!
Equipment for sea trout lurefishing
Standard 9 or 10 foot spinning rod with a casting weight of between 10g and 30g. Reel loaded with braided line of around 15-20lb test. No wire leader, or an extremely thin one, we recommend one from “Spinwal”. Lures such as Sandgrävling, Ismo Salsa, Bomber and the Swedish handmade lures Ludde and Guideserien in colours such as blue/silver, silver/green, red/black. Use double rings, sharp hooks, good swiwels and be alert when the trout strikes!
Equipment for Jerkbait pikefishing
If you prefer to use Jerkbaits and big soft plastic lures such as Bulldawgs,Boxer or Gosttail then go for a heavier 7 foot rod with a casting weight of between 50g and 120g coupled with a decent multiplier loaded with 50 or even 65lb test braided line. Power pro or another power braid. It is also advisable to use a very strong leader to help cope with heavier lures and avoid break offs, a proper solid jerkbait leader of around 90lb test is fine. Jerkbaits such as Fishmania Slider, Jack, Fatso, Phantom, 4Play and Buster Jerk are very effective and soft plastics such as Bulldawgs, 9″ Shads, Replicant Swim Baits also work well. During high summer topwater fishing in real shallow water with Mas Marauder, Jackpot or Top Bandit is great fun!
Equipment for flyfishing pike
9 feet rod AFTM 8 or 9 Floating Weight Forward line for Popper fishing in shallow water. Slow sinking and fast Sinking Shooting Taper lines for fishing deeper water. Nylon or Poly leaders 0,35 mm with wire leader in front. Stripping basket. Long pliers for releasing the pike. Big 10-25 cm flashabou flies, hook size 1/0 – 4/0. Big Poppers or Mega Divers for shallow water.
Equipment for flyfishing trout
9-10 feet rod AFTM 8 or 9 Floating or I-line WF line or Shooting Taper lines Nylon or Poly leaders 0,25-0.35 mm. Stripping basket. Shrimps, Wolly Buggers (white, chartreuse, yellow) streamer hook size 2-6, small fryes imitation together with Magic heads.

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