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Fishing Camp Regulations

Fishing Regulations
Västervik is a strictly Catch & Release camp and all pikes must be released and immediately put back in the water. Minimum size: Salmon 60 cm, Sea trout 50 cm.

Access Of Boats
Clients arriving at Saturday afternoon / evening have access to the boats from Sunday morning till Friday evening. This gives six full days of fishing. The Saturdays are used by the staff for maintenance of the boats.

Arrival & Departure
Guests have access to the cabins from 15.00 on day of arrival until 11.00 on day of departure. Before leaving the cabin a cleaning inspection must be arranged with the Camp Staff and reception (see picture below).

The guest must clean the cabin before departure or book it as extra service. All necessary cleaning material is provided. Note!! Even if final cleaning is ordered extra the cabin has to look decent and the dish has to be washed.

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